Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sloppy Joe Mix: A Great Way to Use "Exotic" Ground meat

The familiar Sloppy Joe flavor can disguise unfamiliar ground meat.
The real value of a Sloppy Joe mix like this is how it can transform tough,  tasteless, (or bad-tasting) meat of dubious origin into a familiar flavor.
Imagine that the only meat available after the Sewage Hits The Fan is from a tough bull or rank-smelling boar. Or suppose all you could come up with was meat from some old, gamy-tasting, tough big game animal. Or what about if the only meat came from something exotic, such as possum, horse, mule, armadillo, raccoon or snake?
This mix can transform such meat into a familiar flavor!


Bill Giles said...

I can't argue with you about Sloppy Joe mix. Chili does a pretty good job, as well and I think Taco seasoning would, too. Should I put my meat grinder in the bug out bag?

Leon Pantenburg said...

Probably would be a good idea! I'm thinking about including a grainmill in mine!