Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SurvivalCommonSense Weekly Update: Get Prepared for Spring Storms

Spring flooding has already started!
Is it just me, or does it seem like there is an inordinately large number of disasters this spring? Last month's earthquake/tsunami tragedy in Japan, plus last week's tornadoes that ravaged the southeastern United States, just re-inforce the need to be prepared. 
As I write this, the Mississippi River is rampaging, with record flood water levels predicted. A flooding disaster in the midwest is inevitable.
For people sitting on the fence when it comes to getting prepared for natural disasters, let's hope these events provide a wake-up call!


Bill Giles said...

I was in southern Illinois earlier this week and saw some of the flooding first hand. Since I'm from this area, this is not new, but it's the worst that I have seen. While it's an inconvenience for most, it's much more than that for some. Some folks that I know have been flooded out and a friends house has water on three sides. He has to park at the head of the road and walk around the flooding. His son is a road commissioner and ran out of "road closed" signs. Many secondary roads and some highways are closed. It's an automatic ticket if you try to drive through the water and have to be pulled out. One real danger is that some of the culverts washed out when the roads flooded and you can't see this until your car drops into the hole left where the road used to be. Many of the buried telephone lines are flooded out, but cell phones still work. The flood is supposed to crest today and there are some signs that the water is receding, but it will be some time before it's gone.

Leon Pantenburg said...

Lot of high water in Mississippi right now. I've been following the situation, and it isn't looking good!