Thursday, March 3, 2011

Try This Tasty Hardtack Recipe

This hardtack actually tastes good!
I'm heading out this weekend for a camping trip with Boy Scout Troop 18. The theme is survival cooking, so we'll be working on the requirements for the cooking merit badge, and having fun out in the desert.
I started out making a batch of hardtack to take along, and had to substitute a bunch of ingredients. (Plus, I like to experiment and use up items that have been sitting on the shelf for awhile!)
So, I used peanuts and almonds for the nuts, one percent milk instead of buttermilk, and the only dried fruit I had was mango!
So, this recipe probably doesn't resemble anything a Civil War soldier would recognize, but on the other hand, this hardtack tastes great!

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La Pine Mayor said...

This is a great survival item! Once you make it, How long will it keep?