Saturday, February 19, 2011

Product Review: Solutions for Meat Cutting Video

Which of these boning knives is best for you? Check out the DVD and find out!
Knowledge and skills are paramount to your wilderness survival kit, and meat processing should be a standard survival skill. Wild game meat is an under-utilized resource in this country, and during an extended emergency situation,  it could be a valuable addition to your diet. But if you don’t know how to process a big game animal, a lot of meat could be spoiled or wasted. 
To the prepper or survivalist, this “Solutions for Meat Cutting” DVD is well-worth watching, even if you don’t hunt. The boning techniques that are demonstrated will work well with virtually any big animal including beef, goats, sheep and others. The DVD’s section on wrapping meat is very important, especially if the meat will need to remain frozen for an extended period of time.

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Bill Giles said...

I bought Clem's DVD and book. I've learned quite a bit, even though I've only partly completed them. I have a bunch of deer meat to use and I'm looking forward to using some of his recipe's. The meat cutting part will have to wait until next season.