Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hardtack: A Great, Traditional Survival Food and Emergency Ration

Hardtack is a traditional survival ration, and is easy to make.
Looking for a way to use up surplus flour, or make a cheap trail food or durable survival ration? One answer may be hardtack, a baked, unleavened wheat cracker. As a survival food, hardtack has a proven track record.
Hardtack is one of the original trail and emergency foods, and it is worth considering if you are a prepper or are interested in wilderness or urban survival.
The advantage is that hardtack is easy to make, transports easily and will last a reasonably long time if stored in appropriate containers. The disadvantage is the bland taste, and traditional toughness.
Try these recipes and see if you can find one to include in your survival food recipes!

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